Donato Dozzy – Process Part 084

Pár szó a kiadványról a szerzőtől:

“What you will hear is a vinyl-mix based on ambiance drones, psychedelic guitars and lost-in-somewhere basslines. These sounds usually surround my favorite beats but not this time since they’re taking a leading role. I recorded this set late at night in my studio-flat in San Felice, Circeo. This small village is located in between Rome and Naples on the western coast of Italy. I love living and producing music here. The old town is based on a small hill that seems to remind me of a “horseshoe” (providing excellent reverbs and ping-pong delays), truly a big inspiration for my music production & including this mix of course! The hypnotism & magic have been always naturally related to San Felice and the ancient ruins. In the Odyssey, Homer even introduced the the witch Circe here.
The whole area is a National Park, one of these places where it is still possible to enjoy the silence. This mix is my small celebration to Circe’s beauty.”

01 Agf – Impulse – Musork
02 Spacemam 3 – An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music – Space Age Rec.
03 Robert Henke – Layer 1 – I/CM
04 The Residents – Birth (Eskimo) – Ralph Records
05 Edgar Froese – Ngc 891 (Aqua) – Virgin
06 Oni Ayhun – B – OAR 1
07 Aube – Sensorial Inducement – Alien 8 Rec.
08 Polmo Polpo – Farewell – Constellation
09 Analog 1 – Reduced – MCMLXV
10 Pub – Cokeshandy – Ampoule

Recorded at late night of the 2nd of July 08 in San Felice Circeo.


~ Szerző: garganell - szeptember 9, 2008.

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